Buddhist East Asia:   The Interplay of Religion, the Arts and Politics

An NEH Summer Institute ~ May 28 to June 22, 2018 ~ Honolulu, Hawaii ~ Hosted by the Asian Studies Development Program

Buddhist East Asia:  The Interplay of Religion, The Arts and Politics
An NEH Summer Institute

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Useful Weblinks:

The links below may provide useful information and further links, when exploring in the field of Buddhism in East Asia.

Bowl with the Eight Buddhist Treasures; Ming dynasty, China; Photo Credit:  www.metmuseum.org

Asia Pacific Research Online by Dr. T. Matthew Ciolek, Australian National University
Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library by Dr. T. Matthew Ciolek, Australian National University
Online Resources Compiled by the Oxford Center for Buddhist Studies
Resources at the Center for Buddhist Studies, University of California Los Angeles
Resources for Buddhist Studies, Maitripa College, Oregon
Academic Study Resources by DharmaNet International
buddhanet, a non-profit organization affiliated with the Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc, offers a wide range of information and resources in the form of online magazines, eLibrary, Buddhist studies, ebooks, multimedia, talks, and much more.
Exploring Religions:  Buddhism by the Religious Studies Program at the University of Wyoming covers topics, such as Cosmos, Organization, Time & Worship, Texts & Tales, Timeline, Religious Life, Glossary, Terms, Maps and Life Stages in the area of Buddhism.

Journals and Publications

Directory of Open Access Journals to search in your interested fields
Publications by the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley, CA
History of Japanese Education Translation Series by East Asian Studies Center at Indiana University. Supported by the Center for Research on Japanese Educational History, this translation series has produced three translations of works by Japanese scholars in the field of history of Japanese education, including "The Development of Buddhism and Literacy in Japan." All volumes are available in free PDF files.
Languages and Dictionaries

Resources for East Asian Language and Thought by Dr. Charles Muller, University of Tokyo

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism by Dr. Charles Muller, University of Tokyo
Projects and Resources at the Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages
Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia provided by Buddhism & Australia:  International Conference on Buddhism. Categories cover architecture, Buddhism and science, geography, monasteries, symbols, writers, deities, history, and much more and cover all traditions of Buddhism.
Libraries and Museums
The Arizona State University Library Guides on Buddhist Studies
Digital Library & Museum of Buddhist Studies--National Taiwan University
Asia for Educators by Columbia University
The Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art
Harvard-Yenching Library--Asia Collections


Buddhist Film Foundation:  it is the world’s leading resource for Buddhist-themed and Buddhist-inspired cinema. Its mission is to utilize the powerful medium of motion pictures to foster knowledge and appreciation of core Buddhist principles: the practice of compassion, and respect for impermanence and the interdependent web of connectivity of our world
Tricycle Film Club:  Buddhist films and discussion for the Tricycle Community. The Tricycle Foundation is a non-profit educational organization that is dedicated to making Buddhist teachings and practices broadly available
Thus Have I Seen THIS Buddhist Film Festival of 2016:  biennial event that aims to promote awareness of the Buddha’s timeless Teachings and the diversity of Buddhism through specially curated films that reflect the cultural, social and religious aspects of this world religion
Film Series from our 2015 NEH Buddhist Asia Summer Institute
Regions and Religions
A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization
A Universal Guide for China Studies--Chinaknowledge
Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center--The Ohio State University
East Asian History Sourcebook by Fordham University
Korean History:  A Bibliography by Kenneth R. Robinson
Silk Road Seattle--Walter Chapin Simpson Center for The Humanities at the University of Washington
Buddhism, one of the religions featured in Exploring Religions by Religious Studies Program at the University of Wyoming. The site features various aspects of Buddhism, such as Timeline, Organization, Cosmos, Religious Life, Glossary, Maps, and more.
Buddhist Studies by buddhanet offers education material on all aspects of Buddhism:  basic Buddhism guide, online study guide, Buddhist scriptures and teachings, Buddhist history & culture, and Buddhist world.

Buddhism and Its Spread along the Silk Road by the Silkroad Foundation, a non-profit organization, established in 1996, to promote the study and preservation of cultures and art on Inner Asia and the Silk Road. The site offers information on the origin, dissemination and spread of Buddhism into China by way of the silk road. It also provides timeline on the Buddhist activities along the silk road.

Spread of Buddhism offered by Buddha Dharma Education Association & BuddhaNet offers information on how Buddhism spread not only in East Asia but also in South Asia and Southeast Asia, Buddhism across the Himalayas, as well as Buddhism in the West.
On the Theravada Buddhist Tradition--Access to Insight

East Asian Studies Center, Indiana University:  a webinar, Spirits of the Mind:  Gods, Ghosts, and Meditating Monks in Chinese Buddhist Art by Phillip Bloom, Art History, Indiana University Bloomington. Adobe Connect plug-in required on device to view this webinar.

Buddhist Talks, Chanting and Meditation Audio Library of buddhanet. Recordings of Buddhist chanting, hymns and mantras form different Buddhist traditions and in Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Burmese, and English.
Asia Maps, University of Texas libraries
Historical Maps of Asia, University of Texas Libraries
Silk Road Seattle Silk Road Atlas

China Maps, University of Texas Libraries

Korea Maps, University of Texas Libraries

Japan Maps, University of Texas Libraries
Silk Road Spread of Buddhism, an interactive map with information and photographs that illustrates the spread of Buddhism.
Teaching Resources
Asia for Educators, the Weatheerhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University:  includes teaching aids, resources and a library on China, Japan, Korea and other countries in Asia. Topics range from geography, art, language arts, religions and history.
Education about Asia, Association for Asian Studies:  articles on all areas of Asia in wide range of topics from ancient times and cultures to current events, resources for classroom use, sample syllabus, and more.
The National Consortium for Teaching about Asia, funded by Freeman Foundation and created jointly by Columbia University, the Five College Center for East Asian Studies, Indiana University, the University of Colorado and the University of Washington:  offers seminars, workshops, summer institutes, webinars and other useful resources in the area of teaching about Asia.

Asian Educational Media Services, the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:  provides multimedia resources for teaching about Asia, including searchable database, lesson plans, film reviews, and more.

Expanding East Asian Studies Program, Columbia University, funded by the Freeman Foundation:  provides teaching materials and resources, syllabus, and links to online resources for teaching about Asia and more.

Five College Center for East Asian Studies, Five College Consortium:  classroom resources, links to useful organization and sites, publications, events and more.

Programs in International Education Resources, Yale University:  PIER-East Asian Studies, established in 1974, works to strengthen the understanding of East Asia – China, Japan, and Korea. Provides online resources, classroom resources, media resources and more. In addition to East Asia, it also provides resources in African, European, Latin American and Middle East Studies.

Primary Source, a nonprofit professional development center for educators in the areas of world history and cultures. Offers resources on teaching about Asia, including resource guides, seminars, publications, modules and more.