Buddhist East Asia:   The Interplay of Religion, the Arts and Politics

An NEH Summer Institute ~ May 28 to June 22, 2018 ~ Honolulu, Hawaii ~ Hosted by the Asian Studies Development Program

Buddhist East Asia:  The Interplay of Religion, The Arts and Politics
An NEH Summer Institute

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Film Series

There will be a film on every Wednesday night during the Institute to further discuss Buddhism by using films as a medium. Here is the lineup of films, synopses, schedule, and other useful information on films that feature Buddhism.

Film Selected for Week I:   Avalokiteshvara (Zhang Xin, 2013)

Film Selected for Week II:   Why has Bodhidharma Left for the East? (Young-Kyun Bae, 1989)

Film Selected for Week III:  Zen (Takahashi Bunmei, 2008) & Departures (Takiya Yōjirō, 2008)

Film Selected for Week IV:  Enlightenment Guaranteed (Doris Dörrie, 1999)